The Most Comprehensive & Beneficial Medicine

The Holy Kaaba in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

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“And We sent down of the Qur’aan that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe…”

Soorah al Israa 17:82

The whole of the Quraan is a healing; it is a healing for hearts from ignorance, doubt and uncertainty. Allaah has not sent down a more comprehensive and beneficial medicine to remove any ailment than the Qur’aan.

If a person uses the healing with Soorah al Faatihah perfectly, he would see some great effects in the process of healing. {See Tafseer Ibn Katheer & Saheehul Bukhaari – The Book of Medicine for details.}

I (Ibn Qayyim) stayed in Makkah for a period where I was stricken with some diseases, but was unable to find a doctor or a handy medicine, so I was simply treating myself with al Faatihah, and witnessed some astonishing effects. I offered this treatment to anyone who suffered any pain, and most of them were cured within a short period of time.

However, one should understand that the supplications and the verses which are used for the healing process require that the person should have belief and readiness to be cured by this treatment, in order for it to have a greater effect upon him or her. In fact, if healing is not achieved, it could have been due to the weak effect of the medicine, the non-readiness of the afflicted one, or to a powerful preventive factor which hindered the treatment by material medicines. Such lack of effect could also be the result of a natural negative reaction towards the medicine. Indeed, if one’s body wholly accepts the medicine, it would benefit accordingly; and likewise if the heart accepts healing by the Quraan and supplications in a comprehensive manner, the person who’s performing this treatment would more effectively be able to remove the ailment.

Excerpts taken from Spiritual Disease and Its Cure

Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah (rahimahullaah)


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