Note-taking: Writing in Books & Keeping an Index

Writing  in the Book

The student should write with clear, medium-sized handwriting, since he may not be able to read the small text as his eyesight deteriorates with age. Also, when writing notes on some text in the book, he should start writing next to the line in which the text of importance is contained, and then continue with his notes from the top of the same page. This is done so that there is room for notes on text in the successive lines of the page.

Keeping an Index of Fawaa’id (Benefits)

The student should keep a separate page containing the fawaa’id he observed while studying the book and not rely completely on his memory, even if he is a youth. Perhaps when he returns several years later to a certain book, he will easily be able to recall the various benefits which he obtained without re-reading the book.

Excerpt Source: Taalibul ‘Ilm wal Kutub

By Shaykh Saalih bin ‘Abdil ‘Azeez Aalish Shaykh


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