Brief Quraan Tidbits: 1422 Workshop Part 1

The Quraan is the Speech of Allaah the Most High. It means “something recited.” It has 6626 aayaat, 77,439 words.

كلمة Kalimah means one word (a word). It can also be an entire aayah such as “Wal Fajr.”  The scholars of Koofah (rahimahumullaah) said that each Alif, Laam, Meem, Taa, Haa, Yaa, Seen, Haa, Meem is a kalimah.

القرآن can be pronounced two ways:

1. Al Qur-aan

2. Al Qu-raan

Abu ‘Amr Ad Dani said, “I know of only one aayah that is (just) one word, Allaah’s statement: مدهامتان  in Soorah Ar Rahmaan 55:64.”

Tidbits from Shaykh Saalih as Suhaymee (hafithahullaah)

1422 Workshop @ Masjid as Sunnatin Nabawiyyah Phila., Pa USA

Translated by Abu Uwais ‘Abdullaah Ahmad (rahimahullaah)


To be continued In Shaa Allaah….


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