Brief Quraan Tidbits: 1422 Workshop Part 2

Al Hajjaaj said: “Tell me where the middle of the Quraan is.” The middle of the Quraan is His – the Most High – statement:


“And let him be careful…”

Soorah al Kahf 18:19

Soorah – Chapter, elevation, height. The reader moves from one stage to another.

Aayah – Sign, or a pause, a wonder because mankind is unable to produce something like it. The plural for aayah is:

  • aayy
  • aayaat
  • aayay

Tidbits from Shaykh Saalih as Suhaymee (hafithahullaah)

1422 Workshop @ Masjid as Sunnatin Nabawiyyah Phila., Pa USA

Translated by Abu Uwais ‘Abdullaah Ahmad (rahimahullaah)



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