Points Regarding the Difference between a Shaytaan & a Jinn

  • The Jinn are a class amongst the creation/the Shayateen are the rebellious amongst them
  • The Shayateen are from the Jinn as well as mankind
  • Both the Shayateen from the Jinn and mankind are included in the category of Shayateen
  • Ash Shaytaan is the forefather of the Jinn, their leader
  • Whoever rebelled from his progeny and transgressed over the boundaries is a shaytaan
  • Those amongst them (his progeny) who are steadfast upon worshiping Allaah are not from the Shayateen, rather they are believers
  • Amongst them is the Muslim, the non-Muslim, the innovator, the Sunnee, the Raafidee, the Shuyoo’ee, the Mu’tazilee, the Jahmee, just like mankind

Points extracted from “The Difference Between the Jinn and the Shaytaan”

By Shaykh Ibn Baz (rahimahullaah)


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