How to Get Free Books from Daar al Ifta

Aside from being a place where you can find many of the Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia to address all of your important questions and issues that require their advice and council,Dar al-Ifta’is also a place where individuals can go to receive free books that are distributed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the auspices ofDar al-Ifta’[which is yet another practical example of the Kingdom's efforts to spread Islam].

In order to receive free books fromDar al-Ifta’, one must be able to present legal proof of residence [i.e. a copy of one'sIqamah], and a copy of his academic or professional qualifications, and if the person is a student then he or she [via her representative] should present ata’reeffrom the School or University that establishes that he or she is a current student.

The books that are available for distribution are distributed according to academic level and qualifications so the books given to a Phd student differ significantly from the books a student in the Arabic Language Institute mightreceive. And since all of the books available for distribution are specific to certain levels, it is important that students return toDar al-Ifta’every time they move from one level to another.

So when a student moves from the Arabic Language Institute to one of the Colleges at the University level, he should return toDar al-Ifta’for more books. And if he moves from the Bachelors program to the Masters program, he should likewise return toDar al-Ifta’for more books. And finally after finishing the Masters program and moving on to the Doctorate program, students should return toDar al-I’fta’ for more books. Even specific qualifications likeQuranicMemorization certificates merit the receipt of specific books.

In general the breakdown of books that students can expect to receive is as follows:

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