It is the True Teacher

“…The greatest and noblest book that I advise you to study is the Book of Allah. Therein there is no falsehood contained within your hands (when you study it) or from behind you (when you are not studying it).

I advise every caller to Allah, every person who enjoins the good, every person who forbids the evil, as well as the instructors, teachers, and those who guide the people. Whether one is male or female they must involve themselves in the Book of Allah and reflect upon it. They must also constantly recite it as it is the foundation to every avenue of good. It is the true teacher and the true guide to goodness as the Mighty & Majestic says: {Indeed this Quraan guides to that which is the most upright.} al-Israa’a: 89

It leads by the guidance of Allah to the upright path, to the way of correct is a must upon every caller, everyone who enjoins the good, all of the teachers, to strive in reading it and reflecting upon it’s meanings. By doing this they will greatly benefit from it.

Then I advise with the Sunnah and the knowledge and guidance revealed within it. And I advise the caller to Allah, the one who enjoins the good and forbids the evil, and the teacher, whether male or female, to review…

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