An Interesting Product: “My Talking Quraan.”


This is quite an interesting product. “My Talking Quraan” has umpteen beneficial features such as;

Tahfeeth – Quraan memorization.
Tasjeel – Record and play back your own voice.
Ahkaamut Tajweed – The rulings of Tajweed.
Tatbeeqaat – Extracting tajweed rules from various aayaat.
Sharhul Mufradaat – An explanation of various words in the Quraan.
Al Qiraa-aat – Different modes of recitation ( i.e. Warsh, Qaaloon, etc.)
Ia’raabul Quraan – Syntax.
Tafseer – Exegesis.
And more…


I will give a review in the comment section and compare this product to a similar version as I was blessed with one as a gift after purchasing the other, In Shaa Allaah. I didn’t purchase my mushaf from the company linked above. I cannot vouch for them. I purchased mine from Maktaab Junoob (Abha, KSA). Maktaab Obeikan carry them as well.

Baarakallaahu feekum.


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