“No one tires of it…”

Allaah ruins him who deserts this Book (the Quraan) out of fear of persecution of the tyrants, allows him to go astray he who seeks guidance from a source other than the Quraan. The Holy Quraan is the Strong Rope of Allaah, the Wise Admonition and the Straight Path.

It is a book that no one’s fancy can twist and no tongue can change. Unlike other books, nobody tires of it despite its repeated recitation. Its wonders will never exhaust and scholars will never feel satiated with it.

One who talks in the light of this Book will be true. One who acts upon it will be rewarded. One who makes judgements in its light will make just judgements. And the one who summons mankind to it, guides them to the Straight Path.


Source: Excerpts taken from: Commentary on the Sermons of the Prophet {sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam} on his last Pilgrimage

Chapter 1 – Adherence to the Quraan

Shaykh ‘Abdullaah bin Humaid

Chairman of the Supreme Council of Justice

Saudi Arabia


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